Monday, December 20, 2010

Star of Bethlehem

I'm sure I'm not the only mom who is continually amazed at her child's development and learning, but Alexandra has not ceased to amaze me this autumn. While Josiah is at school for a few hours, she and I have our own activities to do together. Some times we bake or go shopping or craft. Today we were gluing together a crèche.

She was very deliberate with her glue and put it just where she wanted it. Then she put her star on top and remembered hearing about the star in Sunday school yesterday. This is what she said:
And recently whenever I have my camera out, she also wants to take pictures. She has her own child's camera and can take some decent (albeit blurry) pictures.
The Ornament Hanger

The Star



Baby Jesus
Here is her final product:

She did a great job with very minimal help from Mama. As a recovering perfectionist, it is hard for me not to "correct" or try to make it "better". I want her to learn how to do these things and feel the pride that comes with completing a project all by herself.


Tracy said...

Beautiful Alexandra! She IS brilliant! Give her and Josiah big love from all of us!

tea said...

What a great little project! She did a beautiful job! :)

Amber said...

she is one smart little girl. and goodness she's gorgeous! hope you are all doing well!