Friday, June 5, 2009

How to Make a No Sew Tutu

Somehow, I stumbled across a baby tutu website like I Love U "Tutu" Much that had cute tutus like this one:And I just had to make one for Alexandra. Silly me should have just googled "how to make a tutu" first, but instead I muddled my way through this first one:Alexandra liked it and started twirling around soon after I put it on. She didn't want to take it off, but Mama insisted that the tutu must come off for dinner. I tried to get a good picture of her standing, but I realized she doesn't stand. She is always on the move. Here's my cutie with her first tutu:I was going to write out how I did it, but this video does an excellent job describing the process. I used a spool of tulle so I only had to cut the pieces to length, but otherwise, this is just how I did it:


Renee said...

We will actually be in new York at thanksgiving for sure. We are hoping to come up some time in august or september as well and maybe having a get togeather somewhere so everyone up there can come and meet Noah Tamirat.

E said...

Wow! That's gorgeous, Penelope! Alenxandra is really turning into a little girl now, isn't she? She's simply beautiful!


tisha said...

That is such a pretty tutu! Alexandra looks so sweet in it! :)

Kari said...

Oh I'm a big tutu fan:)) Alexandra looks so beautiful in her new tutu!! We can't wait to see more... way to go!!

ethiHOPEia said...

AHHH! So cute. I wonder if "j" will let me make one for "h" when she is older? hahaha.

small world said...

Great idea. I have 4 little tutu wearers! I can't wait to try your pattern out!